Thank you to the physician who allowed me to learn and grow as an athletic trainer under his direction!  Athletic trainers working in the physician practice setting is a continuously growing area, and because of this, it is also increasingly important for us to show our gratitude for those who provide us the opportunities for self betterment and career advancement.  Looking back at where I was two years ago when I began in the setting, to where I am at now, there is a stark difference.  I have a better understanding of the healthcare system as a whole (including everything from immediate care to rehabilitation to insurances, and of course the list goes on), injury pathology and prognosis, injury evaluation techniques, medications and medication management, bracing and DME products, surgery, and so much more!  I owe a lot of my progress to my healthcare team who allowed me to make mistakes, introduce my own ideas, and explore new avenues for change.  They took the time and care to familiarize me with a new setting and make suggestions for areas of improvement.  For these things, I am grateful!

It could be viewed as a risk to go against the grain and hire an athletic trainer to assist in a clinical practice.  While we are knowledgeable, we are not yet the first thought to serve as a clinical or surgical assistant.  However, I see this beginning to change!  We are beginning to gain more opportunity to share our knowledge and skills on a wider level.  We have the opportunity to impact public health and the general population, reaching beyond sports medicine.  For this, we need to remain grateful.

I have begun to perfect my craft and expand upon my skills.  Whether I stay in this setting forever, or choose to move to a different setting one day, I now have invaluable knowledge to take with me.  So let this serve as an ode that thanks all of the physicians and other healthcare providers who allow athletic trainers to learn and grow!  Who has allowed you to grow and improve as an athletic trainer?  I challenge you to share your gratitude with them!