5 Reasons to Attend ATPPS 2020!

Last year was my first time attending the annual ATPPS conference, and let me tell you…it was an amazing experience!  I was able to meet new people, seek new opportunities, reach outside my comfort zone, and ultimately grow as a professional!  So if you are not yet signed up to attend the conference or you have questions about what the conference will really be able to offer you, stay tuned into this post for the details!


  1. Stellar educational opportunity – You are being provided with the most up to date information for athletic trainers in the physician practice setting.  The wide range of presentations offer new and innovative ideas, personal and relatable experiences, as well as a boost of confidence to utilize the ideas in your own practice.
  2. Expand your relationships – Attend the social!  Here you will be able to meet other individuals in the profession from all over the country and share your experiences and contact information.  Sitting by new people at the conference and sparking up conversation helps too : )
  3. Get involved – If you are interested in volunteering for other opportunities in athletic training this is the time to ask about it!  ATPPS is always looking for help on different tasks and initiatives.  Find one you’re passionate about and get involved!
  4. Specialized workshops – Most conferences do not offer very many specialized topic area sessions for athletic trainers in the physician settings, especially hands on labs.  Do not fret, ATPPS has no lack of specialized labs for expanding proficiency in different areas in your setting.
  5. Feedback is taken seriously – Throughout the conference experience, board members and committee members will be asking for your feedback on how things are going and what can be improved upon.  In my experience, these individuals listen with an open mind and attentive ears.  If there are common themes they are hearing, wait till the next year and see them come to fruition!


Now of course there are other perks to attending the conference as well…beautiful location in warmer weather, meeting up with your colleagues or friends you haven’t seen in a while, talking with vendors about different products your company may use, and the list goes on!  What have been your favorite experiences at ATPPS or what are you looking forward to if you haven’t attended before?