Residency & Fellowship Publications

Self-Funding a Postprofessional Athletic Training Residency

Wetherington, Pecha, Homaechevarria

Postprofessional athletic training residencies (PP-ATRs) are formal educational programs that provide advanced professional preparation for an athletic trainer. These programs are intended to provide clinical and didactic education in a focused area of clinical practice. Identifying and procuring funding to support athletic training residencies can be extremely difficult.

Objective: To provide a basic understanding of the foundational requirements of a PP-ATR and to explain some of the basic principles behind funding a PP-ATR

Physician Satisfaction With Residency-Trained Athletic Trainers as Physician Extenders

Pecha FQ, Bahnmaier LA, Hasty ML, Greene JJ

The development of postprofessional residency programs that provide specialized education and clinical experiences to prepare ATs to effectively function as orthopedic physician extenders has greatly facilitated physician acceptance of the role, which has dramatically increased the number of ATs working in the orthopedic clinical setting. Such residency programs provide ATs with experience in taking detailed patient histories, performing thorough patient exams, and presenting the findings to the attending physician for delivery of efficient and patient-centered care.

Previous studies have demonstrated that utilization of the residency-trained AT physician extender (AT-PE) has increased clinical efficiency (i.e., patient volume and revenue generation) and improved patient outcomes. Physician satisfaction with this approach to delivery of orthopedic clinical services has not been previously documented. Thus, the purpose of this study was to assess physician satisfaction with the performance of residency-trained AT-PEs in the delivery of orthopedic clinical services.

Athletic Training Fellowship Programs

An editorial by Forrest Q Pecha

The Emory Sports Medicine–Innovation Sports Athletic Training Fellowship started in 2003, with the first class of two athletic trainers graduating in July of 2004. The fellowship has since grown to a class of four athletic training fellows and presently has eight graduates. William I. Sterett, MD, at the Steadman-Hawkins Clinic in Vail, CO, and Laura C. Decoster, ATC, at New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute, initiated fellowships for athletic trainers about 12 years ago.

Post-Professional Athletic Training Residency

An editorial by Forrest Q Pecha

Webster’s definition of residency includes: “A period of advanced training in a medical specialty.” This is important to understand when considering the goals and standards of post-professional athletic training residency programs (PPATR).