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Athletic trainers are continuing to make a difference in healthcare. One of the fastest growing areas for athletic trainers is in the physician practice setting. Athletic Trainers in this setting have requested educational opportunities focused on their area of practice. The need for specialized education for athletic trainers in the physician practice lead to the development of the Athletic Trainers in the Physician Practice Society. This society was founded in 2017. Currently, we have close to 450 members.

Currently, the ATPPS meeting in February 2022, will be a in person symposium. Our attendance at our previous meetings has increased by over 75 attendees each year. At 2021's virtual meeting we had over 300 attendees. We expect between 350 and 400 registrants for 2022. We will be hosting the meeting in Denver, Colorado, February 24th and 25th, 2022. This will be our 5th Annual Educational Symposium. As part of our mission, the ATPPS is committed to provide educational opportunities. In 2018, we hosted our first symposium in Boise, ID that included 130 attendees. The growth with the meetings and overall membership has been extremely positive.

We look forward to having your partnership.

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