Athletic Trainers in Physician Practice Society (ATPPS) Statement Regarding the Orthopedic Physician Extender Certification (OPE-C)

The American Society of Orthopedic Professionals (ASOP) has recently developed and advertised an OPE-C. This certification is being marketed towards athletic trainers working in the physician practice setting to elevate the clinical specialty in orthopedics for the athletic trainer. The certification is only offered to athletic trainers who currently hold or are working towards an ATC credential.

Following an independent review of the Content Analysis associated with the OPE-C, it is the opinion of the ATPPS that the OPC certification knowledge is included within the 5 th Edition of the NATA’s Athletic Training Educational Competencies (CE-6, CIP-2, CIP-9, EBP-1, HA-10, HA-28, PHP-20, PHP-21, PHP-22, PHP-23) and the CAATE’s 2020 Standards of Accreditation of Professional Athletic Training Programs (Standards 62, 64, 72, 78, and 86). The ATPPS does not recognize or endorse the ASOP exam or credential. Additionally, to our knowledge the NATA or CAATE have not partnered with the ASOP or recognized the OPE exam or credential. In order to review the orthopedic competencies associated with current athletic training education, the ATPPS recommends visiting to review the 5th Edition of the Athletic Training Educational Competencies and to review the 2020 Standards of Accreditation of Professional Athletic Training Programs.