It’s an age old debacle, a struggle for just about anyone who is pursuing a job or even working in a job and seeking to negotiate….we’re talking about pay rate!  While I’m sure everyone would love for all the answers on how to walk into an interview or an annual review meeting and easily maximize their pay, employers don’t make this task so easy.  However, hopefully the resources that are presented in this post will provide you with evidence to become a well informed advocate for yourself!  (By the way, this is the key to being successful in pay rate negotiations…knowing your value and selling your value to stakeholders through self advocacy)

While I know this post is quite short, my main goal was to offer excellent resources in one quick stop for athletic trainers in or seeking to be in the physician practice setting.  That way you are able to save time on the searching, and dedicate more time to formulating a self advocacy plan!  Good luck!