2018 Conference

Thank you to all our attendees, speakers, vendors and partners for making our first inagural ATPPS conference and meeting a success!

Attendee Testimonials

"Great content, excellent delivery, overall great weekend"

"Good content, strong support and involvement from attendees"

"I genuinely looked forward to each group discussion and presentation. It was beyond refreshing to simply attend a conference where 100% of the content was relevant to my role. I also enjoyed the social event more than any other conference I've attended. It was so interesting to hear how other ATCs are being utilized in this setting."

"Loved the networking!! Liked the size, it felt comfortable to talk and ask questions during and after the presentations. I loved that the social was the first night of the conference."

"The peer to peer discussions were excellent. Well facilitated and topics were very relevant and useful. Radiology update and involvement from physicians was very beneficial."

"I thought there was a lot of good conversation about how to make athletic trainer's roles in the physician practice similar throughout the country"

"I like the networking that took place. Lots of smart people with large goals, common directions, and interest in moving the profession forward in the physician's practice setting. I really enjoyed the peer to peer small group discussions. Lots of provocative information being discussed. I enjoyed the radiology presentation as it mixed things up and I got lots of value from it. All of the presentations were well put together."

"I liked having professionals in a variety of settings (physicians, administrators, etc) talk about their experiences to get an idea of different perspectives of athletic trainers in the physician practice"

"I liked the variation in programing that met the multi-facted role and duties of an Athletic Trainer in the physician practice. I appreciated the balance between information presented and ability to discuss as a community of Athletic Trainers. Being able to learn from other Athletic Trainers who have different roles, responsibilities and outlooks on the pearls and challenges of the setting."

"All the presentations were relevant and beneficial. The discussion groups were my favorite. It was great listening to other ATs talk about what they do and what barriers they’ve had to overcome."

2018 Presentations

For links to our presentations from 2018, please follow the link below.

Thank you to our Founding Partners